Street League Skateboarding: Rayssa Leal is champion in last maneuver

Olympic Medalist gets an 8.5 in his last attempt and wins the first stage of the competition in Salt Lake City, USA

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Rayssa Leal has reached the last round of the Salt Lake City stage of the World Skate Street League in third. Outdated minutes before the Dutch Roos Zwetsloot and Japanese Funa Nakayama, she needed a high note to change position. As a magic pass, the fairy got a maneuver worthy of movies. The 8.5, the best note of the event, led Maranhão to the first placement. It is the second title of the rayssa loyal career, of only 13 years, which had 21.0 scoring in the final.

Silver got Funa Nakayama with 20.7. Bronze with Zwetsloot Roos with 19.6. Paulista Pâmela Rosa was in room with 16.4. The other Brazilians, Letícia Bufoni and Marina Gabriela, could not qualify in the final.

Even with a drop in its first maneuver, Rayssa made one of the best turns in the inaugural round of the final, receiving 4.5 note. Maranhão was only behind the Olympic champion, the Japanese Momiji Nishiya, who did 4.9. Pâmela, in turn, added only 2.4 points, closing the round on the sixth place.